Daisy Namings

Naming Ceremonies

A name is very important. It distinguishes us from others and gives us a sense of identity, of belonging in our family and the community.

There can be nothing worth celebrating more than the birth of your little miracle.

Naming ceremonies are a civil alternative to traditional christenings. They can be for newborns, toddlers, youths or even adults. If you have a name, you can have a naming ceremony.

They are a wonderful and fun way to welcome a child into the family, whether they be a new baby, adopted, foster or step child. The purpose is to celebrate their life, pledge your enduring care and give you all happy forever memories.

Naming ceremonies don’t have any legal status so you can have one where and when you like. And there are lots of different things you can include to involve your extended family and friends. Parents, and sometimes grandparents, will make promises to love and care for their child. You can also choose people who are special to you to act as mentors, supporting adults or guardians. These are people you trust to support your child throughout his or her life.

As well as poems, readings, music and dance you can have any number of special ceremony options like a time capsule, sand blending or rose/tree planting, to name but a few. You can even invent your own unique way of welcoming and officially naming your child and getting others to participate in this special occasion. It’s your ceremony so you choose what you want it to be like. You are limited only by your imagination.

The soft, warm feel of a baby nestling in your arms. The milky smell of their hair. The smallness of them. Their natural, unaffected smile when they respond to your love. Little arms that reach for canyon wide hugs. And wet kisses that taste like early morning.

Daisy Chain Civil Celebrants will help you create a personal and touching ceremony that reflects how much you love your child.