Monday, 6 March 2017


To Dare Is To Do
The personal touch is what people look for when they ask a Civil Celebrant to create a bespoke ceremony for them. Whether it be a naming ceremony, wedding, vow renewal or celebration of life, it's important that the service is unique and, therefore, meaningful to families, couples and parents. 

I would also add, going the extra mile to the list of "must haves."

I recently conducted a Celebration of Life for a lovely man who was an avid and lifelong supporter of Spurs. I searched the internet for a suitable poem to reflect his passion and discovered that the Tottenham team has a resident poet. What a wonderful surprise!

I contacted the Spurs Poet and asked him to recommend one of his poems that would be most suitable for the occasion. He kindly offered to write a poem, specially for the man whose life we were celebrating, and he did a fantastic job.

The kind gesture meant the world to the man's family and took the edge off a very difficult day. They will treasure the poem always. Here is one of the verses that superbly captures the man's devotion to his beloved football team and his character.

He would not want you to be upset today
Not like if you called him during a game
Nothing worse than the mobile phone buzzing
When you are settled watching your star Harry Kane.

Swell day for a vintage wedding
On a similar note, I performed a wedding for a couple with a seaside vintage theme for their special day. Vintage is currently very popular amongst couples tying the knot so it's always a challenge to come up with new ideas.

I spiced up the ceremony by writing one section using words from bygone days.

Falling in love makes us feel all crazy and tingly, but in a good way. Jo-Anna is Adrian's "baby," she thinks he's the "bee's knees" and they love each other, “really darling, really, really!!!”

It turned out to be a "swell" idea and the newly weds, as well as the guests, loved the jazzy twist.

So, going the extra mile can mean the difference between a good ceremony and a really "nifty" one!