Thursday, 29 December 2016


New life
The media is full of predictions for the most popular baby names in 2017.

Apparently new parents are expected to zoom to the end of the alphabet and choose a name beginning with Z. Zander and Zephyr are likely to be huge for boys and Zyla and Zelda for girls.

Picking out a name for your baby, or making one up, is a big decision as any parent will tell you. After all, it will stay with them for the rest of their life. A name is the first thing that gives your newborn its identity and distinguishes it from others.

The same can be said of the baby naming ceremony that you create to formally welcome your little one to the world and introduce him or her to your family and friends.

Happy are we

That's why no two celebrant-led celebrations are the same.

I encourage parents to make their baby naming ceremony as personal and relevant as possible. Most ceremonies are held when the child is a few months old. By this time, little characteristics are already emerging. They will have a favourite toy, respond to certain music and they'll be communicating in ways that their parents can easily interpret. Family members will also have cute little nicknames for the latest addition to the family.

All these things make it easy and exciting to choose elements that are perfect for the little person who will have centre stage on the big day.

Everlasting keepsake
I performed a lovely, garden ceremony for a gorgeous little girl last summer whose mother was a vet and the family had several pets. The first time the little one had a giggling fit was when she watched her grandparents' dog destroying one of his toys. She also found it hilarious when the cats were told off for clawing the carpet.

Lovely snapshots of the little girl's personality shining through. Consequently, her baby naming ceremony included a section where everyone present was invited to put their fingerprint on a picture of a baby turtle. Their colourful ink prints created a mass of balloons. This was done to music - Mr. Turtle Lullaby Song - and was a moving and very special way to formally welcome her to the people who are special in her life.

Hush little baby
The completed picture is a beautiful, everlasting keepsake of the baby's special day and the people who shared it, that is now hanging on her nursery wall.

Every baby naming ceremony should be approached with the Zeal and Zest that new life deserves. Save the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs for bedtime!