Tuesday, 27 September 2016


We're all familiar with the real estate catch cry 'location, location, location.' It means a particular place or position is the most important factor in a home’s value.

There's a similar phrase for weddings, or at least there should be. 'Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.' 
Getting hitched without a hitch

At no extra cost I like to set aside an hour or so, no more than a week before the big day, to run through the logistics. This is particularly important for larger weddings and those that include more elements.

A wedding rehearsal irons out any wrinkles and ensures that months, sometimes years, of meticulous planning result in a stress-free and truly wonderful day when the big day arrives.
Just hours away

It's not about rehearsing the entire script word for word - the bride and groom should have approved the content beforehand - it's about how, what, why, when and where.

For example, for the entrance of the bride part of the ceremony to run smoothly, everyone involved needs to know where and when to gather, in what order to line up, when to enter, how fast or slow, whether the music will play until it's finished or fade down once everyone is in place and where people sit or stand. Without some clear direction, this part of the wedding could become chaotic. 
Everyone knows their role

These sound like small things but they are so important. Here's another phrase: 'the devil is in the detail.'
Days after the rehearsal

I have attended wedding rehearsals where all sorts of issues were thankfully identified early on. At one I discovered the music had changed without my knowledge yet the script introduced the original song. 

At another, the photographer helpfully pointed out that if we were to stand where the couple originally planned it would have meant either the bride or groom would have been obscured, spoiling the photographs. At yet another, the processional was so short that the music would have ended shortly after it began.

In each case, identifying these potential challenges, obstacles or pitfalls in advance meant we were able to find a solution and overcome them, ensuring the couples got hitched without a hitch.