Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Are you impressed Mrs?
When we marry the love of our life, renew our wedding vows, welcome a new life into the world or farewell a loved one, we want to honour and express our love for them. And what better way to do that than with a serenade.

It's highly personal, it says 'you are the centre of my undivided attention' and it can be done any time, any place, anywhere. 

These guys, The Mariachis, are the best in the business. They're in huge demand at weddings, in particular, across the country when grooms want to impress their brides with a special "this is just for you" song, but don't have the voice or courage to do it themselves.

The head of the band, Salvador Jimenez Hernandez, serenaded his now wife when he proposed to her and several years later he sung at his sister-in-law's wedding in Kent. I'm his sister-in-law by the way!

Sealed with a song
They say music is food for the soul and I think you'll agree that when it's live it's so much better. And the beauty of a serenade is that it doesn't have to be limited to proposals, weddings and Valentine's Day. Why not say 'hi' to your new baby at a naming ceremony with a lullaby serenade? The guests would love it! 

A loving send off
And how about saying your final farewells to a loved one with a song. Funerals traditionally feature music at the beginning, middle and end and I've conducted ceremonies where a singer/musician has performed at the service. It definitely adds a personal and very special touch to the occasion and makes the ceremony much more meaningful. 

This is for you & only you
So if you think that a serenade is all about a bloke standing outside a woman's window, or below her balcony, belting out a song to win her love, think again.

It can be, and is, so much more. Music is an integral part of all major life events and serenading is a beautiful way to say I Love You.

For more information about serenades visit: www.mariachimexteca.com