Saturday, 2 January 2016


Will you marry me?
New Year's Eve is now a more popular day for marriage proposals than Valentine's Day according to a national newspaper article I read on 31 December. Tens of thousands of British men are estimated to have asked the "big question" at or before midnight with roughly the same number of women replying with an emphatic 'yes!' 

Those same men and women - now brides and grooms to be - will start the new year by planning what is likely to be the biggest day of their lives. One of the first things on their "to do" list will be to find someone to conduct their wedding ceremony.

I'll be conducting a wedding in the Spring at a couple's home and not only will this significantly keep their costs down - they won't have to hire a venue - but, importantly, they can decorate their home as they like, celebrate at whatever time they want, and involve family and friends as much as they like in this highly personal event. 

These things are only possible because the couple in question have chosen a Celebrant to conduct their wedding. They'll visit their local Register Office a day or two before the big day to make their declaratory and contracting words before two witnesses - the legal bit - and then they are free to have a bespoke celebration - the fun bit!

Here are just some reasons why couples may want to choose a Celebrant rather than a Local Authority Registrar to officiate on their special day.

* You may want your wedding celebration to be held at a venue that doesn't have a licence to conduct weddings - art gallery, beach, home, museum, nightclub, restaurant, theatre, woodland - in which case a Registrar would not be able to perform the service. Not a problem for Celebrants though. 

Beach is beautiful
* Some of the larger licensed venues may also insist that you choose from their list of preferred suppliers - catering, flowers, music, table and chair decorations - and they may even have another wedding booked on the same day as yours. Do you really want to bump into another bride and groom on your special day? 

* A Celebrant will create a truly bespoke ceremony that is personal and meaningful to you. Anything goes. You will not be restricted in your choice of content, music and wording if you choose a Celebrant whereas a Registrar will offer you a limited number of standard scripts.

*There are no restrictions on how long your ceremony runs, or what time of day or night you hold it, with a Celebrant whereas ceremonies at a Register Office are booked in short time slots. Who wants to feel rushed on their big day?

* Once you've chosen your Celebrant you know exactly who's going to conduct your ceremony but you won't meet the Registrar who will perform your ceremony until the big day itself, unless you request and pay extra for a rehearsal beforehand. A rehearsal is included in my fee.

* A Celebrant led wedding will usually cost you a lot less than using a Local Authority Registrar.
Love is

It's a no brainer really. As an independent wedding Celebrant I will provide more choice for less money (depending on whether you choose to add any of the special ceremony elements listed on the fees page of my website) than a Registrar.

Planning your wedding should be a no holds barred, fun experience that doesn't break the bank so good luck and enjoy!