Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I renew my pledge of love
There are loads of reasons why some couples renew their marriage vows. It's a chance to have the wedding celebration you always wanted but couldn't afford at the time. 

You might want to involve people, like children, who weren't present when you got married. You may want to mark a new beginning in your lives together, recommit after difficult times or feel that you won't reach a significant anniversary for whatever reason. 

You might want to recreate the magic of your wedding day because you're a big softy or just want an excuse for a big party!
Are you asking me?

Good reasons to renew your vows:

· The photos from your first wedding were shocking and you’ve since lost two stone

· Your wedding was truly cheesy or you're too embarrassed to admit you got married underwater

· You’ve been through a rough time together but emerged, victorious, the other side

Whatever lies behind your decision to renew your vows it should be as special as your wedding day. A wonderful, fabulously fun day to remember, with the person you love by your side and the family and friends you hold dear celebrating with you.

We definitely do
As you celebrate your renewed commitment here today, and as you reflect on your life together as husband and wife, do you now wish to reaffirm the vows you took 10 years ago?

Sue & Steve: WE DO

Sue and Steve Jones from Deal in Kent renewed their marriage vows on their 10th wedding anniversary and recreated their special day with a story about how, when and where they met and fell in love. From meeting to the proposal was just over two weeks! Their love story was both romantic and funny and had their guests in stitches. 
Party time

Toasting the loved up couple
The couple repeated the candle lighting ceremony that they had the first time around in a church, but with a twist. They involved their grandchildren, great granddaughter and great great niece.

Sue and Steve lit a large candle to create a unity flame and then the youngsters, some with the help of their mothers, lit their small globe candles from the flame that the loved up couple created. 

A life together & beyond

Here's wishing Sue and Steve all the love and best wishes in the world for their life together and beyond. 

Photos courtesy of Terry Marsh Photography in Dover.