Thursday, 9 July 2015

Pet Funeral Ceremonies | A Pawtent Of Things To Come

My Best Friend
For many of us our pets are like our children. We over indulge them, worry about them when they're unwell and like to buy them toys and treats. Our furry, feathered and even scaly friends are our constant companions, through good times and bad, and are always happy to see us when we come home after a hard day's work.

You only have to look at our growing pet industry to know that our "four legged friends" have a permanent place in our hearts. There are products and services relating to food, health, clothing, insurance, toys, pampering, travel, training, pet sitting, pet walking, equipment, crematoriums and cemeteries - to name but a few!

I'll Never Forget You
So when our beloved pet dies, we lose a much loved member of the family. 

The pain and grief can be overwhelming. 

When we farewell a human member of our family we honour them with a funeral ceremony, so why don't we do the same for our animals? One answer could be embarrassment. For some it feels awkward to openly acknowledge the close bond between us and our pets. Another reason could be that it's not as culturally acceptable in the UK as it is in some other countries - yet!

But a ceremony is a chance to celebrate your best friend's life - a life that you've most likely nurtured since their birth - and pay tribute to them in a meaningful way. 

Side By Side
Holding a ceremony, with all the elements you would include for a person such as music, poetry and candle lighting, can help with the grieving process. This is particularly so for children who may be experiencing their first significant "death in the family." 

A respectful, bespoke, ceremony can help give meaning and perspective to youngsters in what is a sad and confusing experience. After all, death is a part of life and if you can ease your child's suffering at losing their companion why wouldn't you?

Until We Meet Again
A ceremony is also a chance for children to feel valued by contributing in some way such as with a reading, prayer or selecting memorabilia that can play a part in any funeral ceremony.

No two pets are the same and no two funeral ceremonies should be either. Check out the Pet Funeral Ceremonies page of my website to see what I can do for you and your forever pet.