Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sand Blending Ceremony | Great For Children Born By The Sea

Let me have a go!
Sand blending is a great addition to any baby naming ceremony, particularly if your child was born, or lives, by the sea. It's colourful, fun and gives any children present the chance to get involved in creating a lovely keepsake for the special person who has centre stage. 

It also helps prevent the little people present from getting bored!
Happy we three
There were lots of children at my most recent baby naming ceremony in Margate when little Olivia-Louise celebrated her special day with her family and their friends. 

Everyone joined in and contributed to a unique gift that has pride of place in Olivia-Louise's nursery. Using different coloured sand to symbolise the many people who will play a part in her life, and the many different facets of her character that will evolve, each guest took a handful of sand and released it into a glass jar. 

Getting started
I'll watch. You Hold
When it was full it was sealed and acts as a constant reminder of the happy day and all the people who came together to celebrate it. Once combined, the grains of sand can never be separated, like the bond between the parents and their child.

Before the happy day I collected sand from Margate beach, dried it and coloured it with powder paint. 

Not only did this help to keep the costs down, which is very important for most of us, but it was more meaningful that the sand was local. 

It's been a very long day

No matter where Olivia-Louise lives in the future, she will always have a piece of "home" with her. 

We all wanted to thank you so much for the brilliant day you gave us for Olivia-Louise's naming day. We didn't know what to expect but it was the most amazing day we could have asked for. You went out of your way for us and for that we are so very grateful. Friends and family are still talking about what a fantastic day it was and we wont ever forget it or yourself. Thank you xx