Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Facelift Is On Its Way | The Importance Of Branding For Civil Celebrants

No, I’m not talking about a chin tuck, reducing the laugh lines around my eyes or having collagen injections in the lips for an “in your face” trout pout. I’m talking about my new logo and branding strategy which is being finalised by a wonderfully creative local graphic designer and illustrator.

Danny at work
Danny Michael from Broadstairs in East Kent has produced a beautiful logo for my daisy chain celebrants business and I’m hoping that her efforts will give me an even more polished look that will help me grow my business. After all, that’s what branding and marketing seek to achieve – giving you the edge so that clients choose you over your competitors.

A great logo and sound branding strategy will tell potential clients who I am and what sort of professional service they can expect from me. So they’re really fundamental to my business and just as important to me as they are to corporate giants.

Cutting edge design
Most celebrant businesses are like mine, owned and operated by one person. Some are run by couples with one focussing on weddings and the other on funerals. But it doesn’t matter if you’re small – and I’m not talking about stature. If you run a business, whether you’re one person or have 100 employees, you need to be competitive in order to make a living and pay the bills.

Get the look
I probably wouldn’t have searched for a designer for my business but I recently attended a wedding fair to get some ideas. I spoke to several industry professionals and they were all consistent in their advice to me. “Find a good designer and printer and the investment in your time and money will pay dividends.” They couldn’t overstate the importance of getting your branding and logo right and as someone who’s spent their career in communications, I do get it.

Invest in your celebrant business
So, I can’t wait to launch my new look on the world in due course after a little nip and tuck. In the meantime, check out Danny's website here: www.dannymichael.co.uk